Health in God's Way Conference 2022

Let’s face it, the last couple of years have been difficult on all of us, and the world continues to be a chaotic and unpredictable place! There has never been a greater need to be conscious of our health and do whatever we can to protect it. In this FREE conference, our goal is to inspire you with HOPE and provide you with practical applications as to what you can do to keep you and your family healthy in the years ahead. 

Cassidy and Jordan Gundersen will specifically talk about: 

  • Cleansing the body and how to do it
  • Where and how to get the right nutrients
  • Herbal first aid
  • How to boost your immune system
  • The future as it relates to our health (perhaps the next pandemic…)
There is limited seating so be sure to grab your seat early!

If you would like to attend this conference, please fill out the form below. You will receive your ticket, which you must show at the door, in your email. You must fill out the form for each person attending in your party. 

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